We specialise in filling all types of adhesives into aluminium or plastic tubes. From solvent based adhesives, moisture curing polyurethane glues, silicone, pvc and water based products, we have extensive experience in handling many types of adhesives.

Creams and Cosmetics

Choose from a range of sizes of squeezy tubes, perfect for  cosmetics, sun creams, moisturizers and skin treatments.
Filled and handled in our industry standard clean and hygenic space.

Food Pastes

Whether it be purees, sauces, dips, or icing, choose from either aluminium or plastic tubes. The inside of aluminium tubes can be coated with an inert sealant to prevent any oxidation or reaction.


A full range of choices for all types of cosmetics. Creams, gels, makeup, moisturiser, sanitisers and many more.

Pastes and Gels

Plastic or aluminium tubes especially for toothpastes and gels of all viscosities.
Protection for safe application.

Oils and Paints

Choose from a range of sizes in plastic or aluminium. For smaller model paints or larger tubes. Able to fill all colours

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