About Tubeworx

Tubeworx is a new UK based tube and bottle filling company.  Tubeworx is able to fill not just glues and adhesives for it can even fill foods and cosmetics into plastic or aluminium tubes, liquids into bottles and much more.

A family run business based in the UK, Tubeworx was set up to provide UK companies an alternative to having to go to places like China to get this type of work done. Not just done, but done quicker, more reliable and at a competitive price.

All of our machines are brand new, purpose built machines ready for any type of filling required.

Shipping and delivery is much much easier for customers using Tubeworx and we even provide a full service option from concept design to finished packed product ready for general sale.

Our 20+ years in the industry will put yur mind at rest through the whole process.

"Tubeworx can fill aluminium tubes, plastic tubes, plastic and glass bottles at a much faster and more reliable rate than any supplier we have used before."  Robert Altham, Owner, Stomsure

Let our experts help you decide what's best for your business, product and brand

Speak to one of our friendly team to find out how Tubeworx can help you.