Design, Packaging and Tube Selection

Full Service Options

Our excellent professional in-house purchasers and graphic design team will help you first talk about your product and your expectations, choose your tube and discuss packaging, then design your entire product and project from start to finish.

We can offer brand design (if you don't have one yet), tube design, and also the box packaging design the tubes come in or any other type of packaging.
Our warehouse team can then pack the the tubes into their packaging and deliver them where ever they need to go globally.

We deliver you the finished product ready to sell.
  • Tube selection
  • Plastic and Aluminium Tube Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Packing and Distribution
  • Label Design
  • Bottle Labelling

We can arrange delivery all over the world

We have 20+ years of experience shipping internationally either by land, air or sea.
We have extensive experience shipping hazardous goods.
Global Shipping Advice

"We only use the very best couriers"

Let our experts help you decide what's best for your business, product and brand

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