We Are Paradoxx

The client is a cosmetics company, We Are Paradoxx, that produces a wide range of products, including hair conditioners. They required an efficient, reliable and high quality packaging solution for their hair conditioner that could withstand the rigours of filling, storage, and transportation while also providing adequate protection for the product and the product's integrity, finish and quality.  

The client approached Tubeworx to fill printed collapsible aluminium tubes with their hair conditioner using our state of the art modern filling machines and our expertise. 

Aluminium is an excellent choice due to it being lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistance.  

The Challenge

The challenge was to fill over 200,000 printed aluminium tubes with the client's hair conditioner accurately and efficiently using our filling machines. The process needs to be hygienic, safe, and reliable to maintain the product's integrity and ensure customer satisfaction.  

Materials and Logistics

The hair conditioner was to be supplied to us in IBC’s delivered from the chemical company. The printed aluminium tubes were to be delivered to us from the tube manufacturers. The box packaging for the filled aluminium tubes were to be delivered to us from the box suppliers. 

The Solution

Tubeworx approached the challenge by following a step-by-step process:  Tubeworx team worked closely with the client to to ensure the job can be done in an efficient, safe and reliable way. Tubeworx did tests with the hair conditioner to make sure it was able to pass through the filling machine. Also work closely with the client over the sizes of the aluminium tubes required, that the tubes met all the necessary requirements and were easy to fill, seal, and dispense while effectively containing the product within. 


Tubeworx liaised with the client to ensure the printed aluminium tubes, IBC’s and boxes were delivered to us at the same time and in a workable time to hit the deadline for completing the job. Tubeworx needed to ensure that there was enough space available to accommodate it all. Which in this case was up to 40 pallets.

Tubeworx prepared the filling area and the automatic filling machine to ensure that they were clean and free from contaminants that could affect the product's integrity. The aluminium tubes were checked for any defects or damages, and the filling machine was calibrated to ensure that it could accurately fill the tubes.

Box packaging is made ready to put the filled tubes in. In this case the boxes are to have 144 tubes in each box. Each boxes has its own dividers in so the tubes do not get damaged when transporting. Each box needs to be pre-made before filling can begin. 

Filling and Sealing

The hair conditioner was transferred into the filling machine's hopper directly from an IBC using a high powered pump, which then fed the conditioner into the aluminium tubes. The filling process was done accurately and efficiently, with the machine filling over 30 tubes per minute. 

After the tubes were filled, they were sealed using the same machine as the tube moved along the conveyor which ensured the product's safety and hygienic integrity. The sealing/crimping process is done accurately to ensure that the product was effectively contained within the tubes without any contamination. Each tube is also stamped with a batch code so each filling session can be quality controlled and tracked easily. 

Inspection and Packing

As the tubes come off the filling machine they move down a conveyor belt ready to be packed into boxes. Tubeworx performed a final inspection to each tube to ensure that the filled aluminium tubes meet all the necessary quality and safety standards. 

The tubes are then packed into pre-made boxes containing 144 tubes in each box. The pre-made boxes are made before the filling process starts so the filled tubes can efficiently be packed when they come off the filling machine. 

The boxed tubes are then put on pallets ready for delivery back to the client or wherever the client wants them delivered. Delivery can either be arranged by the client or Tubeworx can do this. On this occasion, the client wanted different quantities of tubes being sent to multiple destinations. Some were arranged by the client and some by Tubeworx.


Tubeworx successfully filled the printed aluminium tubes with the client's hair conditioner using their state of the art filling machines. The tubes were filled accurately and efficiently without any spillage or contamination. The process was quick and accurate, contributing to increased productivity and reduced production costs. The client was impressed with the quality of the filling, and the hygienic integrity of the production run.  


Filling printed aluminium tubes with hair conditioner using their state of the art filling machines requires careful preparation and attention to detail. The process involves logistics of all the materials to complete the job, making box packaging, preparing the filling area and the filling machine, accurately filling the tubes, packing into final box packaging and performing a final inspection. The successful outcome of this project highlights the importance of using advanced technology and automation in the industry to meet client needs and ensure product safety and integrity while increasing productivity and reducing costs.