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Tubeworx are supporting The European Sport Fishing Show5th January 2017

European Sport Fishing Show Banner

Here at Tubeworx we're are excited to announce we will be attending the first ever European Sport Fishing Show showcasing at the UWE Exhibition Centre in Bristol. This promises to be a revolution in Sport Fishing Exhibitions as it merges the very latest and greatest companies and brands from the worlds of Fly Fishing and Lure Fishing. The location provides plenty of free on-site parking, a resteraunt, cafe and bar, what more could one ask for? 

Well it doesn't stop there, the diresctors have declared that there will be two pools to be used for product testing and professional casting demonstrations, very handy, as well as multiple tying legands who will be on hand for personal demos and questioning. 

Naturally we'll be bringing our extensive range of Inner, Outer and Extra-Large Outer Tubes, Cones, Beads and More.