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Tubeworx - a new way to tie flies

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Outer TubesFly tying flexibility for every scenario

Our 3mm Outer Tubes provide a perfect fit over our inner tubes. Simply select your prefered combination of Outer Tube and Inner Tube (or Extra Large Outer Tube), and slide them easily into one another to create your ideal tube tying base.

We have a huge colour range, including solid, fluoro colours, lumo colours, and tubes with glitter impregnated within the tube surface. This wide choice delivers maximum flexibility to allow you to tie a killer fly perfectly suited to your fish.

It is also possible to fix a hook directly into the outer tube, without the tube splitting. The material has enough give to allow the hook to be easily, yet securely fixed within the tube. This results in a far cleaner looking fly than is possible with other systems where a separate piece of silicon tubing is required, and it holds the hook much better too.

You don't always need an inner tube either. For salt water and predator flies, you can use the outer tubing on its own, making Tubeworx the most flexible system of its kind.

Ranges we do are as follows:


Solid Colours:



RedSilver/GreySunburst OrangeWhiteYellow


Fluoro Colours:




Glitter Colours: