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Tubeworx - a new way to tie flies

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Tubeworx KitsStart your collection of tube fly tying materials with a kit

The simplest way to get started tying tube flies with Tubeworx is with one of our great value kits. We've worked very closely with our testing team to ensure that we've included everything you need and have come up with a range of three different kits to suit all requirements and budget. Of course, you can add to the kit separately from our huge range to build your perfect Tubeworx collection.

Tubeworx Starter Kit
The starter kit is designed to give you a taste of Tubeworx at a good entry price.

  • 8 x inner tubes (200mm length each) in a variety of colours
  • 8 x outer tubes (200mm length each) in a variety of colours
  • 28 x cones in a selection of sizes and finishes
  • 14 x metal tubes in a selection of sizes and finishes
  • A tube fly tying needle

Tubeworx Advanced Kit
The advanced kit gives you more materials to play with than the starter kit and adds both tungsten components (tubes & cones), and some bottles too.

  • Everything that's in the starter kit, PLUS:
  • 10 x tungsten tubes in two different sizes
  • 5 x tungsten cones
  • 8 x metal bottles in two sizes and finishes
  • 2 x bottle tubes

Tubeworx Pro Kit
The pro kit gives you all the great items included in the advanced kit, but we've also teamed up with Foxy-Tails to add some superb furs to the kit.

  • Everything that's in the advanced kit, PLUS:
  • Foxy-Tails Nayat Hair
  • Foxy-Tails Arctic Fox
  • Foxy-Tails Boar Bristles
  • Foxy-Tails Cashmere Goat

Tubeworx Pike Kit  

The Pike kit is taylor designed to suit making and tying Pike flies.